Saturday, February 28, 2009

Luzia vs Petr

Luzia may not the best mixed wrestler in the world, but she's one of bests. Her strength, talent and stamina have made many mixed wrestling giants tapped out. She is known as the queen in dww and in this match against Petr, she is the clear favorite and Petr also knows it . But Petr is strong and competitive enough to give a better fight for the lady who is in the same age. Both were in almost same size and Petr has the gender advantage and Luzia has everything that a wrestler should have more than Petr.

Round 1

Match started with a good intensity and Luzia attacked aggressively as always and soon her 23'' thighs were arround Petr's ribs, even though she could maintained it for a longer time she quickly changed it to a school girl pin which is her favorite and most humiliating pin in wrestling. But Petr is not a weak guy to do it He quickly throw Luzia away using his man power.

Both started standing again but quickly Luzia pu Petr down and try to go to top again but Petr use his legs and squeezed those around Luzia's ribs, well well well, I couldn't believe it. No one predicted it, Luzia couldn't bear the presure more than few seconds in unbalanced stance. The queen of mixed wrestling tapped out moaning to Petr within 150 seconds of the match.
Petr 1 - Luzia 0

Round 2
2nd Round started and Luzia tried to get the control of the match, but Petr is not the guy who is ready to be dominated by a same age girl(both were 19). Every time Luzia tried to get in to a superior position Petr broke out, every time Luzia got on to schoolgirl pin position Petr threw her away but the superiority of Luzia came in 05.20 as in below pictures Petr caught between Luzia's 23'' thighs while both hands are also grabbed and stretched. Petr has nothing to do but to surrender to the lady by tapping out with a little scream.

Petr1 - Luzia1

Round 3

This is the round Luzia showed Petr and all the spectators who she is and why people call her "The Queen" it took only 36 seconds for luzia to get the next fall form Petr, His arms were totally under Luzia's control, Her legs are under the control of Luzia's legs, Her total body weight is on his chest. 5 seonds were counted out. Pin fall.


Round 4,5,6

Match went on with a fast tempo. Through out these rounds Luzia tried to get the control of the match but every time she got in to a good position Petr got away and every time Petr got away Luzia took him back to her control. A head scissor and cross body pin made luzia win both 4th and 5th rounds. But every time Luzia tried to do the schoolgirl pin he threw away like saying "get out of my body lady you can't do it to me. I'm the man here" . 6th round was a little bit longer one both were exhausted, Luzia by trying to control this untamed strong man and Petr by continuous attacks by this beautiful young lady. Continuous heavy breathing of Petr and moaning of Luzia showed how exhausting they were. In 14th minute finally Luzia got what she was trying to do through the whole match. The humiliating pin of the Queen. She attempted about 10 times continuously sitting on his chest after every time he broke the count but finally Petr was so exhausted and decided let it go to the young lady.


Round 7,8,9

Under continuous heavy resistance still Luzia could win 7th and 8th round with a cross body pin and a head lock respectively. When it seemed like it's going all the way in Luzia's direction Petr was able to surprise all by winning 9th round just in 20 seconds humiliating Luzia's 36 seconds victory in 3rd round. A simple lack of concentration of Luzia allowed Petr to put his legs around Luzia's sexy abs and her sexy female abs couldn't take the pressure of those strong male muscles more than 5 seconds. She screamed saying stop.


Round 10

With the moral of winning previous round Petr started the 10th round aggressively and for the first time in this match he started to control the match by applying continuous scissors and locks on exhausted lady. Luzia tried in her best to make a resistant but a fine reverse body scissor by the man exhausted young lady gave it up.

Petr 3 - Luzia 7

Round 11, 12, 13

I can't believe it, It's last few minutes of 30 minutes match but still they're grappling with a considerably good intense. In round 11 man vs able to control the lady again and got a cross body pin fall increasing the score to 4-7. It's not an easy thing for a lady to wrestle with a such an intense with a strong man like Petr for 30 minutes but Luzia is my favorite wrestler because of this. After that much exhausting still she managed to pin the man in a schoolgirl pin and finally get a screaming submission by an outstanding camel clutch sealing her grand 9-4 victory.

Petr 4 - Luzia 9

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